So I stumbled across this suspicious looking VBScript file not too long ago, and only 3 engines had picked up on it from with little info around the web so I thought I’d add some meat the bone. A user complained that their laptop was slow and that he was getting antivirus notifications everytime he plugged in his USB stick – he mentioned this is the 2nd USB stick he has gone through as …

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Extract data from other Excel worksheets using VLOOKUP

My landlords approached me and asked if I knew anything about Excel. My initial thoughts were “I know how to add and subtract with =SUM() and that’s about it”. But I thought, how hard can it be? They tasked me to sort their product list into one file so all their products had the appropriate product codes, UPC codes, descriptions, cost & sell price and physical attributes (length/width/height/weight). The idea was to then import the …

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How to extend NTFS partition using Linux command line

This post will be dedicated to detailing how I managed to enlarge my NTFS partition on one of my hard disks, without losing any data! All from the Linux command line without using GParted, or any other live boot utility – namely using fdisk and ntfsresize. Note that the disk I’ll be expanding will not be my primary booting device. If you wish to expand your primary drive then you must use a live boot utility. 1. …

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ASUS UX32A not detecting SSD

Is your ASUS UX32A or UX32VD not detecting the iSSD? You’re not alone. Read on… Yesterday the iSSD on my Zenbook died. It wouldn’t be recognised by the BIOS, within Ubuntu, live boot of gparted or even get in to Windows. The POST would just hang for a good 10-15 minutes before it reached GRUB, and even then it wouldn’t go into Windows as the UX32A makes use of ExpressCache and Intel Rapid Storage Technology with …

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Boot from USB on Asus UX32A & UX31A

I couldn’t quite figure out how to boot into my bootable USB stick, until I completed the following steps: Enter the BIOS (press and HOLD the F2 key when powering on the notebook) Switch to “Boot” and set “Launch CSM” to “Enabled” Switch to “Security” and set “Secure Boot Control” to “Disabled” Press F10 to save and exit Press and HOLD the ESC key to launch the boot menu when the notebook restarts