Delete all products in Magento CE

For a while I wondered how to delete all products in Magento without using PHP scripts and SQL queries, and for a while I couldn’t find a definitive answer anywhere online.

Today I just realised that there’s nothing on the Internet purely because the answer really is straight forward and I’m embarrassed I didn’t explore around a little before asking Google.

This works for people using the Community Edition v1.9.1.0

  1. Login to your backend, go to System>Import/Export>Export
  2. Select “Products” in the “Entity Type” dropdown, and scroll down to select “Continue”
    1. Your download of all your products in CSV format will start
  3. Now go to System>Import/Export>Import
  4. Ensure “Products” is selected in the “Entity Type” dropdown, and also select “Delete entities” in the “Import Behaviour” dropbown. Search for your recently download CSV product list and select that.
  5. Click “Check Data”
  6. Once checked, click “Import”
  7. Finished

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