Linux & UNIX /etc/passwd file structure

As a part of one my group tasks in university, we decided to fully understand the Linux passwd file in order to complete our objectives. Whilst researching, I discovered there was more than one password file (read on); it was difficult to distinguish the purpose and difference between the two without having many tabs open. So I created a small document in more-or-less bullet point form, which can hopefully become a useful reference for someone …

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Windows 8 WiFi network profile management and mobile broadband

After going back to University this year, I experienced great difficulty connecting to the University’s network as I quickly found out Windows 8 does not include the feature for WiFi profile management under “Manage Wireless Networks” anymore. UPDATE: Click here for a working solution when connecting to an enterprise network using Intel Centrino N2230 or similar wireless chipsets. Manage Wireless Networks was a nice, clear and effective utility to have when you wanted to prioritize …

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Resolving a slow Asus ZenBook UX32A (and a rant about Ultrabook reviews)

UX32A Keyboard

As any tech freak does when considering to plummet their money into any technological piece of equipment these days, they read as many reviews as possible. That’s exactly what I did – for about four weeks! It was surprisingly difficult to be given the ability to compare particular Ultrabooks across many websites – some websites had little or no detail on the product they were selling and/or people were giving products inappropriate reviews. For example, I saw …

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